Accessibility Policy

The PATINS Project is committed to ensuring accessibility of its website for everyone with the guidance of the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, Level AA conformance.

Site Content

This content throughout this site has been structured and created with accessibility standards in mind. High contrast fonts with light backgrounds have been used to increase readability. Three additional high contrast options are available using the accessibility plug-in in the lower right hand corner of each page. This plug-in also offers the option to increase, decrease, or reset font size and the option to apply the Open Dyslexic font to all site content.


All embedded videos throughout the site have captions for reaching the widest range of viewers. If you find a video without captions, please let us know by submitting your feedback via one of the options in the Web Accessibility Concerns & Feedback section below.


All hyperlinks have been written to make sense within the context. They are denoted with blue text and an underline for visual support. 

Alternative Text

All images, unless used only as decoration, have been assigned alternative or alt text that briefly describes the image or function of the image. Longer alt text descriptions have been used when appropriate. Alt text is not visible when using a browser unless the automatic image loader feature has been disabled. If you find an image without alt text, please notify us by submitting your feedback via one of the options in the Web Accessibility Concerns & Feedback section below.

Text to Speech Support

Text to speech support is offered using the accessibility plug-in in the bottom right hand corner of each page. When the play button is clicked, all page text will be read aloud from top to bottom on the page. This can be paused to keep your place on the page with the pause button or stopped completely with the stop button. A selection of text can be highlighted and read aloud to limit the amount of text read aloud on each page. 

Additional Tools

Most browsers allow for text resizing in the View or Options menus, or via keyboard commands.

Learn how to make your device work best for you using My Computer My Way by AbilityNet.

Website Accessibility Concerns & Feedback

If you encounter an issue or would like to provide feedback, please reach out directly to the Project Director or the Website Accessibility Specialist. Concerns and feedback should be submitted in writing, via email, or by completing the online form.

Please include the following information in your written or emailed submission:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Date of the concern
  4. Description of the problem encountered
  5. Web address or location of the problem page
  6. Solution desired
  7. Contact information in case more details are needed (email and phone number)