Writing with Significant Disabilities Webinar


Title: Writing with Significant Disabilities Webinar

Description: In this webinar, we will dive into key instructional strategies, assistive technology, and tools to support writing for students with the most significant disabilities. Looking closely at predictive chart writing, independent writing, and alternative pencils, you will learn how to support and engage students who have complex learning needs in the writing process.

Open or Closed: Closed for University of Evansville. This training can be requested by emailing Jena Fahlbush.

Date: 11/1/2021
Time: 5:30-6:30pm Eastern
Cost: FREE 
Presenters: Jena Fahlbush 
PGPs & ASHA CMHs Available? Yes

Format/Location: Zoom Webinar

Target Audience: Educators and related service providers working with students with significant disabilities

Notes:  If you have any questions or would like to request this training at no cost, please email Jena Fahlbush.

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