H-Appy Hour Apps for iOS - Switches, Recipes and Head Control


Title: H-Appy Hour:Switches, Recipes and Head Control

Description: There's an app for that! Over this series of H-Appy Hour webinars, a variety of app categories will be shared. Today's training will be all about apps that can be used with switches, recipes or Head Control. This training will demonstrate how to connect a mouse, switch, create a recipe and how to use head control. These options will enable students to access, communicate and engage using iOS devices.  These solutions apply primarily to iOS apps.

Open or Closed: Open

Dates and times vary:

Jan 20, 2022 11 - 12:00 pm ET

Feb 16, 2022 1 - 2:00 pm ET

April 20, 2022 12:30 - 1:30 pm ET

May 20, 2022 12:00 - 1:00 pm ET

June 7, 2022 1 - 2:00 pm ET

Cost: FREE

Presenters David Jackson & Lisa Benfield

PGPs Available? Yes

Format/Location: Online

Register: Zoom Registration Link

Target Audience: All General and Special Education Teachers, Speech-Language Pathologists, Administrators,Related Service Providers, and/or Paraprofessionals.

Note: This training is also available from PATINS at no cost, in person, for your customized needs. Please contact me via email to schedule at djackson@patinsproject.org.


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