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Our monthly eNewsletter is called PATINS Pages. It features Starfish Award winners, success stories, new Lending Library items, training dates and registration links, as well as other project happenings.  

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Below are links to our most recent eNewsletters. Previous years' eNewsletters are available upon request by emailing Jen Conti.

PATINS eNewsletter

1May 2020May 2020 New! (Details)1 times
2April 2020April 2020 (Details)151 times
3March 2020March 2020 (Details)271 times
4February 2020February 2020 (Details)323 times
5January 2020January 2020 (Details)384 times
6December 2019December 2019 (Details)499 times
7November 2019November 2019 (Details)507 times
8October 2019October 2019 (Details)504 times
9September 2019September 2019 (Details)626 times
10August 2019August 2019 (Details)797 times
11July 2019July 2019 (Details)848 times

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