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Topic: Access to Education - What Does It Mean?

8:35 pm Q1: Each Fall PATINS hosts the Access to Education conference (this year on Nov 2 & 3). Have you attended this conference before? If so, when and what did you learn from it? #PatinsIcam

8:40 pm Q2: When you hear "Access to Education" what do you think of in terms of supporting your students? #PatinsIcam

8:45 pm Q3: What are some ways your school or district are working toward a more "accessible" learning environment? #PatinsIcam

8:50 pm Q4: Sometimes staff or family may be hesitant to implement accessible tools/procedures. What is one way you have been able to get buy-in? #PatinsIcam

8:55 pm Q5: Will we see you at this year's Access to Education 2022 conference in downtown Indianapolis?! There's still time to register at #PatinsIcam