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Universally Designed Access, Engagement & Participation 

Supporting Indiana public schools in creating and sustaining an equitable learning environment for every student.

Every Student Succeeds
A circular graphic with 3 concentric parts. The outer most ring has the phrases, Universal Design for Learning and Multi-Tiered System of Supports. The middle colored ring is divided into four parts labeled Collaboration, Instruction, Assessment, Curriculum. Inside the colored ring is a ring with the phrases Shared Responsibility, Shared Accountability and High Expectations. At the center of all 3 rings is a math equation stating Equity + Access = Outcomes.

15 October 2020
Reading Full Circle My first PATINS blog was in April of 2016. The title was “Mimi, would you read me a book?” It was about my grandchildren and them asking Mimi every time they visited us to read to them. Mimi took great pride in them not just askin...
08 October 2020
My husband and I have an inside joke for measuring things that can’t quite be measured: the potato. How much do I love you? 12 potato. How cute is our dog? 9.5 potato. How much do we hate fireworks after midnight? 14,000 potato. It’s silly nonsense b...

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