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Topic: Multilinguals/ELL and Literacy

8:35 pm Q1: A rich home literacy environment is valuable for building vocabulary, comprehension, and language development. What is the biggest barrier for promoting home literacy with multilingual #ML families? Poll: time, language barriers, cultural barriers, other. #PatinsIcam

8:40 pm Q2: Family literacy is not solely limited to literature, it could be puppet shows, finger painting, story telling, and show and tells, etc. Do you have any unique examples for family literacy, especially considering cultural traditions of #ML students? #PatinsIcam

8:45 pm Q3: #ELL #ML students develop literacy skills by mastering the same five elements as peers which are phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, & fluency while learning English. What is an effective method or tool to help #ELL #ML students master these skills? #PatinsIcam

8:50 pm Q4: Depth of vocabulary knowledge is a key for literacy development, esp. for #ELL #ML. ‘Knowing’ a word can range from having a general idea about its meaning to having a deep knowledge & knowing how to use it. How can we bridge this range gap for students? #PatinsIcam

8:55 pm Q5: Middle & high school students who are #ELL #ML sometimes have well developed social English skills but lack academic language skills. What are some methods and tools to help support development of academic language? #PatinsIcam
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