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Jena Fahlbush, M.Ed.

Jena Fahlbush smiling.Jena has a wide range of classroom experiences that include special education paraprofessional, peer model preschool co-teacher, Title I instructor, and 3rd grade teacher. She has a Bachelor's in Elementary Education and a Master's in Exceptional Student Education. She is excited about sharing how intentional classroom and instructional design can change the game for your student. She enjoys watching movies, camping, playing games, traveling, and home projects. Jena's blog posts.

Speciality Areas:

  • Accessible Content Authoring
  • Autism
  • Intensive Interventions
  • Microsoft/PC Accessibility & Integration

Contact Information:

Phone: 317-296-8781
Twitter: @JLFahlbush

Kelli Suding, M.Ed.

Kelli Suding smiling.Kelli holds a M.Ed. with licensing in both general and special education K-6. Kelli has keynote, national, state and regional presentation, and training experience. She does have a strong understanding of and ability to connect theory to practice. Her instructional experience has been with students requiring mild, moderate, and intense intervention. Kelli's Blog Posts.

Specialty Areas:

  • Autism
  • Google/Chrome Accessibility & Integration
  • Specific Learning Disabilities: Primary Age

Contact Information:

Phone: 812-376-4557
Twitter: @ksuding


AFIRM Modules

Free online learning modules supporting the use of evidence-based practices for educators, paraprofessionals, and caregivers of students with autism.

Indiana Resource Center for Autism Resources

Videos, visuals, and more resources shared by topic, age level, and format.

OCALI'S Autism Center Grab and Go Resource Gallery of Interventions

Free blank and completed templates and interventions to use with a students with autism. Resources include choice boards, first-then boards, graphic organizers, turn-taking supports, and more.

OCALI Autism Internet Modules

Free online learning modules spanning numerous interventions, strategies, and topics in autism.


All of the trainings below can be requested at any time by emailing the corresonding presenter noted in the training title. You can find additional training sessions provided by the PATINS team on our Professional Development Guide.

Autism Spectrum: High Expectations for ALL Students with Kelli Suding

This is a beginner session that tackles the complex needs of students on the autism spectrum with discussions and strategies to support behavior and classroom engagement through teaching executive functioning skills and implementation of the Universal Design for Learning principles. This is a focus on presuming competence and maintaining high expectations for ALL students. Attendees will leave with an understanding of the "why" some behaviors seem perplexing and multiple methods to utilize in supporting students on the spectrum to become independent learners, while demonstrating tools that can be used in the school setting.

ASD and Assistive Technology Supports with Kelli Suding

It is imperative that we are offering appropriate accommodations to support our students with high incidence disabilities and/or autism in the mainstream classroom. ALL students deserve an equitable education...even during distance learning. This fast paced, beginner level webinar will explore the “why” of accessibility and model ways students can access online text independently. Attendees will leave with immediate implementation of no/low cost, simple tools for Mac, PC, iOS, Chrome browser to turn instructional materials, documents into accessible formats/instruction.

Responding to Challenging Behaviors of Students with Autism with Jena Fahlbush

Because we know that all behaviors are a method of communication, we must learn how to properly identify the message or function of our students’ challenging behaviors in the classroom. Understanding the why behind behavior helps us to more appropriately respond in times of crisis. Join this session to grow your understanding of the why behind temper tantrums in meltdowns, how to respond throughout the stages of meltdown, and how to set your student and intervention team up for behavior success! Great follow-up session to Supporting Positive Behaviors for Students with Autism.

Students with Autism? Try This! Tech & Tools That Could Change the Game for Your Students with Jena Fahlbush

This session will lead you through examples and ideas of how to implement built-in accessibility features and assistive technology that can be borrowed from the PATINS Lending Library to support success for students with ASD academically, behaviorally, and socially. The tech and tools that will be shared are available in the PATINS Lending Library for your trial purposes or can be accessed on your current devices at no cost!

Supporting Positive Behaviors for Students with Autism with Jena Fahlbush

Creating structure in your classroom environment through physical design, routines, visuals, positive feedback, reinforcement, and assistive technology can support positive behaviors for all students, especially students with autism. In this session, we'll explore ways to engage your students with autism through the structure of your space and instruction using the principles of Universal Design for Learning. Attendees will leave with use-it-tomorrow ideas for improving student behavior and access to learning!

Top 9 Things Paraprofessionals Can Do to Support Students with Kelli Suding

Paraprofessionals can play an integral role in successful student outcomes while supporting equitable opportunities for student independence. Whether you are a classroom teacher, special educator or paraprofessional, this session will leave you with practical ideas and actions to consider to utilize not only the superpowers of the paraprofessional but as an educator to facilitate engagement, represent and action and expression for ALL students.

Upcoming Statewide Trainings

27 Sep
Twitter Chat #PatinsIcam
09.27.2022 8:30 pm - 9:00 pm
29 Sep
AT in the IEP: Getting the Money
09.29.2022 1:00 pm - 1:30 pm
29 Sep
AT in the IEP: Boots on the Ground
09.29.2022 1:30 pm - 2:00 pm
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