Each specialist serves the entire state of Indiana. Reach out to individual specialists with your inquiries based upon their speciality areas or email us for assistance getting started.  

NameSpecialty AreasPhone
Lisa Benfield AEM & AT Integration: Primary Age, Emotional Disabilities, Apple Accessibility & Integration317-572-5570‬
Jessica Conrad Early Intervention, AAC, Communication Disorders, AEM Technical Specs/Formats/Conversion, Training Videos/Tutorials317-694-5317
Amanda Crecelius Google/Chrome Accessibility & Integration, AEM & AT for English Language Learners (ELL), SLD & Transition: Secondary Age317-721-1152
Jena Fahlbush Intensive Interventions: Autism, Elementary Academics, Low Incidence, Microsoft/PC & Web Accessibility317-296-8781
David Jackson Assistant Director/Senior Specialist: Augmentative/Alternative Communication & Orthopedic Impairment765-426-0220
Bev Sharritt Blind/Low Vision, Issues Concerning AEM and AT in Indiana IEPs317-518-5972
Kelli Suding Autism, AEM & AT: Secondary Age, Chrome Accessibility & Integration, SLD: Primary Age812-376-4557
Katie Taylor Deaf & Hard of Hearing, Primary Transition

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