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Introducing Indiana Disability Resource FINDER - an online, free state-wide resource designed to collect and organize contact and service information across Indiana, giving 24/7 access to community resources. View the FINDER one page print ad.

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2020-2021 Featured Solution Episodes Coming Soon:
  • August 2020 – Westminster Technologies
  • September 2020 – CADAN Technologies
  • October 2020 – EYE can see, Inc
  • November 2020 – EVERFI
  • December 2020 – Texthelp
  • January 2021 – LessonPix
  • February 2021 – SiLAS
  • March 2021 – Attainment Company
  • April 2021 – INvestABLE Indiana
  • May 2021 – Described and Captioned Media Program

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