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Custom materials powerful tools to customize materials specific to your individual needs.

provides simple and affordable custom materials and is your quality online resource for Learning, Communication, and Behavior. We believe in the power of visuals. Our priority is to give the flexibility you need for customization, simplicity for families, and affordability for individuals.

LessonPix Details and Features:
Over 50,000 Scalable Images
Only $36.00/year
Individual and Group Accounts
SoundFinder™ and Minimal Pairs Tool
Powerful Search Tools
Upload Your Own Pictures
Edit Symbols
Power Point and MS Word Integration for teletherapy and distance learning.

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Beth Poss.

2020-2021 Featured Solution Episodes Coming Soon:

  • February 2021 – SiLAS
  • March 2021 – Attainment Company
  • April 2021 – INvestABLE Indiana
  • May 2021 – Described and Captioned Media Program

Archived Featured Solutions

FluencyTutor (our digital running record that measures reading fluency) and WriQ (our digital writing assessment that provides unprecedented writing fluency data) is now available for district wide purchase at just $1.50/student.

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