ICAM and Bookshare: A New Partnership

The Indiana Center for Accessible Materials (ICAM) is proud to announce that we've incorporated Bookshare into our vast offerings!

Historically the ICAM has included a Bookshare search when a needed title was not available from the ICAM. Through our new partnership, a Digital Rights Manager (DRM) can order Bookshare titles through the ICAM Web Ordering System, which will simplify the ordering process!   

Now, when a DRM registers students with the ICAM, the criteria to get a Bookshare account have already been met, so there is no need to create a separate account with Bookshare! Voila!

Bookshare orders will be placed by a DRM or an educator by using the Special Request option in the ICAM Web Ordering Interface. The ICAM will search for the title and process the order; that is, place the order with Bookshare and provide the DRM with login credentials for Bookshare and further instructions. 

This partnership takes us closer to our vision of having one entity for Indiana schools to go to for all their Accessible Educational Material (AEM) needs. If you have any questions on this new Bookshare ordering process, please contact the ICAM staff.

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